Co-Create Beglika 2014

I am because we are! 21st - 24th, August 2014 Hello, We’ve missed you! A year ago we decided that Beglika Fest should take a one-year break. Surprisingly or not, the spirit of Beglika did not dissipate or disappear. And yet, like all things living, our beloved festival is changing. It is still free, creative, glancing back and looking forward, playing with the “here” and the “now”, upholding a way of living in which we are honest with ourselves and the world. However, what makes us part of the Beglika tribe is probably the freedom which all of us who call Beglika “our place” are capable of imagining and living. In the last six years many of us tried to transfer this spirit in our attempts to make the world the way we want to. This spirit was within us when we went out on the streets, defending what is important for us in times of contradiction, and while each of us was striving to make...


“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy A manifesto initiated by Ideas Factory and looking for your support  “SOCIAL CHANGE IN BULGARIAN it is urgent to create a new world - one of justice, prosperity and oriented towards happiness Where are we going? Our society urgently needs new models, systems, and organisation. And it also needs inspiration and belief in our own abilities to create them. When the old masquerade fell in the global crisis of 2007, it became evident that the backbone of the system was broken. A system whose main purpose is ever increasing profit, regardless of the consequences, and the real price for humanity. A system that does not realize that the whole is...


Beglika area is at the heart of Batashka Planina – one of the highest and wildest parts of the Rhodope Mountains. The name “Beglika” dates back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, when once a year Yuruk shepherds used to gather in the area to pay authorities the belgik tax (a tax on sheep and goats). In summer the vast pastures in this part of the mountain used to be covered with huge herds. In fact, it is thanks to this historical background that we can enjoy these pastoral meadows filled with colorful herbs. NATURAL RESOURCES The preserved natural heritage of Beglika and Batashka Planina is something we should all be proud of and try to keep for future generations. Most of the area is covered with natural coniferous forests, consisting mainly of spruce and pine trees. The age of these forests is 80 years on average, but in some parts is over 150 years with certain species reaching 200 years. The...

Waste Management

Beglika Fest’s waste management philosophy, or how to consume less and make materials last longer This year with your help we will try to separate and recycle as much waste as possible over the course of the festival. Do not be surprised if some of the places for food and drinks ask you to leave a deposit for a beer cup or a plate, so that you keep them and use them till the end of the festival. And why don’t we bring our own real mugs or cups, plates, forks and spoons? This way we won’t have to throw away dozens of plastic cups and plates after each meal or drink… HOW AND WHERE SHOULD WE THROW OUR WASTE There will be around 30 stations for separate waste collection: in Camp 1 and 2, as well as within the festival area. We divide waste into 4 categories, each of which is marked with a different color: yellow for plastics and metals (bottles,...


Chatam Forest Center was named after the protected area on the western shore of the Beglika Dam where it is situated. It was created as a result of the cooperation between Bikearea association and Beglika forestry, and its purpose is to be a place for training, nature conservation initiatives and for spreading practices of sustainable development and tourism. The center consists of seven solid buildings, which in the past were used for forestry purposes and till the early 80s were part of Chatam forestry. After that there was a period of almost thirty years of gradual decay.  In 2010 under a project implemented by Bikearea the buildings were restored and furnished. Solar systems supplying hot water and electricity were installed. The Center’s activities include: -        campaigns for cleaning the shoreline of Golyam Beglik Dam; -        improving the conditions for tourism in the region by placing tables, benches, garbage stations, information boards; -        conducting educational programs for children and young people; -        provision of tourist services; -        monitoring of...


Sustainable Development Charter Sustainable development is about improving the long-term economic, social and environmental wellbeing of people, familys and communities in Bulgaria. To be truly sustainable, this needs to be done in ways which promote social justice and equality of opportunity, and which enhance the natural and cultural environment and respect its limits. Our vision of sustainable Festivals Enhancing the long-term wellbeing of people,familys and communities is central to our approach to sustainable festivals. To promote this we are committed to a sustainable future for Bulgaria where we:  live within our environmental limits, using only our fair share of the earth’s resources, for example by radically reducing our use of carbon-based energy and greenhouse gas emissions, moving towards becoming a zero-waste activity;  support healthy, biologically diverse and integrated ecosystems, by actively recognising and supporting our environmental assets including people land, water and biodiversity;  build a resilient and sustainable economy, including by fostering local economies and suppliers, supporting innovation, achieving the transition to a low carbon, low...

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