A Walk on the Moon

A Walk on the Moon is an interactive musical performance which actively includes the audience in the creative process of inventing a song, fairy tale or…a space ship! The basis of the improvisation is the medoly and theme of the song set by Konstantin Kuchev. After that the audience can use its full creative potential to enrich the music with words, syllables, claps, and sounds. The result is a surrealistic journey which will take us in outer space, or meet us with a Moon cow, or… we will find out exactly what will happen on August 22nd, on the Kaba Stage of Beglika Fest!

A Walk on the Moon consists of: Konstantin Kuchev (vocals, guitar, violin), Dimitar Dikov (vocals, guitar) and Nikolay Popov (beatbox).


22.08 (Friday) on Kaba Stage