Antiquity & Cosmos

Music-Meditation experience in the sound Universe

The people from Antiquity & Cosmos are real sound shamans who transform, harmonize and bring the audience to trance. The project was created by Mihaela Stoykova, a.k.a. Mother-Ra, who was a sound therapist in the USA for many years and came back to Bulgaria in order to combine the healing vibrations of crystals and Tibetan bowls with the magic of traditional Bulgarian musical instruments like the bagpipe, tapan (drum), and flute together with the Australian didgeridoo. In order to make this a reality Antiquity & Cosmos is joined by Bunny’s percussion, the bagpipe and didgeridoo of Jorge and the delicate flute music of Stanislav Spassov- all of them are well-known musicians from the popular band Oratnitza.

Their music is truly cosmic and the secret lies in the alchemical symbiosis between the vocal improvisations, the healing properties of the Tibetan singing bowls, which resonate in the 7 major tones of the energy centers in the human body, and the mystical Bulgarian folklore.

A unique Sound Bath, which will open our hearts and make us resonate with the vibration of Infinity! Find out for yourself on the last day of the Festival – August 24th, and until then:

24.08 (Sunday) on the Kaba Stage