Forum Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses Forum will come into being at Beglika to provoke you, to play, to search and find solutions to the most topical challenges in our society with the help of the Beglika tribe’s super powers. Throughout the festival, the Forum will be a “time-space” created especially to inspire extraordinary meetings of extraordinary ideas at an extraordinary place. This is the home of change at Beglika – the change we want to see take place after the festival as well. The change that might take us years to accomplish, or much less – if we get together and allow ourselves to dream and to play with the parallel realities and our own choices. You will recognize Metamorphoses by the place – created to provoke you to embark on the adventure called change. The Forum is the adventure to be free people with a consciousness that’s emancipated from the system.


Three are the main ingredients of the adventure at Forum Metamorphoses, where we’ll search together for the alternatives that help a society – our society – to evolve:

Education – what is the possible change in the educational system or the combination of educational approaches that can help people reach their full potential?

Culture – what is the open code of the culture that satisfies the need for spiritual growth, growth of values and personal and community development? How can culture seek and find innovative approaches that meet the challenges our society faces in reality?

Economy – what is the economy which can match the vision that the progress of a society cannot be measured solely by the size of the GDP?


All of these, in interaction, not by themselves. Not a fragmentary change, but a holistic one. Not temporary, but sustainable. If you want to know more about why we need this forum, see our Manifesto.


Here are some of the topics:

Alternative Currencies in Europe – possibilities in Bulgaria – Filka Sekulova, The Autonomous University of Barcelona;

PRICE Project and Banca Etica (Italy) – possibilities for creating ethical financial instruments and a network for solidarity economy;

Forum Theatre and Sociodrama – from Brazil’s favelas to the streets of Bulgaria – theatre’s potential to be an instrument of social change;

Degrowth Movement, or debunking the Gross National Product myth


The Forum’s space is a playground in itself, providing a medium for quality discussions and sensible forms of non one-sided collective learning.


In the evenings, the three themes blend into the big Forum, where the day ends with a Playback theatre looking back at what we’ve learned and what has happened during the day.

Co-organizer of the Forum is Ideas Factory.