BIGBANDA Stage (BIG BAND Stage)– BigBanda is an union of musicians, visual and multi-skilled artists with common aspirations and a desire to share their ideas, resources and professional experience. As a multigenre formation BigBanda merges various creative practices and works to develop the Bulgarian alternative scene – an inspiration for everyone who has chosen the way of the independent artist. BigBanda aims to bring the avant-garde tendencies closer to the general public. Its ideal goals are connected with establishing new scenes and musical forms, helping emerging artists and organizing festivals, concerts and other cultural events with different social purposes.

BigBanda is the common home for the musical projects of: Popara, Space Dub Jammers, FlyWe2DaMoon, Skiller, Cheaptrix, Voxbox, Clavexperience, Mr.Smiff, Zazizazi, Halojo, Genda, Alecheck, RailBuzz, Lюt Skahopper.

And the visual artists: Vj Vijdai, Rub, Annavid, Nela Kanela, Viktor M Georgiev, Vj. Aksvenur