BONBOG Orchestra a.k.a Drums and Bagpipes

BONBOG Orchestra a.k.a. Drums and Bagpipes are one of the newest but already well known members of the local ethno-fusion scene. The band mixes the sound of the traditional Kaba bagpipe with Peruvian cajon beats and Australian didgeridoo and all this is accompanied by mystic folklore singing. The combination between ancient and contemporary, local and foreign sound, takes the audience to a different world.

Valentina Dobreva (vocals), Lazar Kerimedchiev (drums), Grigor Lalov, Rossen Rossenov and Constantine Kanev (bagpipes), Petar Yordanov – Bunny (cajon) and Georgi Marinov – Jorge (didgeridoo) will be at Beglika Fest on August 21st, Thursday.

21.08 (Thursday) on Kaba Stage