Books and Adventures House

Here’s how the “Books and Adventures House” will participate at Beglika Fest 2014:

  • Boats!


Three courses per day with tourist row boats around the islands in the lake.

Beautiful views, different angles to the festival.

In the boat there are two or three people.

Each group is accompanied by a guide.

All participants are given a life jacket and paddle.


A wonderful awakening in the morning vapors of the lake.

A refreshing row at lunch.

Beautiful sunsets from the water angle.


  • The Pendulum CHI!


Jump from 10 meters between the trees.

A feeling of overcoming gravity just before the ground!

Screaming is inevitable!

Regain faith in Peter Pan!


Extremely energizing!

After the pendulum you will be ready for any workshop at the festival!

bah mahalo

There will be rope challenges for the kids as well!

minzuhari_april 02

More information about the Books and Adventures House here.