Brian Smith & Friends /USA, DE

Brian Smith is a geo folk musician and a poet with a guitar who is ready to live all his dreams while travelling around the world! Raised among the many farms, forests, and mountains of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Brian was inspired by his older brother to begin playing guitar at the age of fourteen and start recording one year later. Since then, he has written and recorded over 450 songs, toured the US west coast five times, toured South America twice, performed in over thirty European countries, created an album containing more than forty personalized songs for each of his closest friends, served as president of the Oregon State University Musicians Guild for two years, and founded his own music festival as well as DIY music collective in Corvallis, Oregon, which he operated for three years. Brian will visit the Rhodope mountains as a special guest of Beglika Fest while he is on an endless tour around the globe!

Whoever is interested in finding out what “geo-folk” is must see Brian Smith’s performance on August 23rd on the Kaba Stage. He will be on the stage together with two more musicians: Sasha and Valentin from Leipzig, Germany.

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23.08 (Saturday) on Kaba Stage