As you well know from Beglika Fest’s previous editions, the DJ is not necessarily a “club owl” who goes to bed after sunrise (or after the afterparty) and following an intense 10-year career becomes in danger of extinction – just like the capercaillie. The Beglika Fest DJ is a different kind of bird. He is an early bird, which perches on the branches of a pine tree and sings its wondrous songs, providing a music background to the daytime program of the fest without waking up the children. This is why the music genres chosen for the Chill Station Stage (from 10am to 2pm) are chill out, ambient, down tempo, dub, world grooves and other melodic and atmospheric things!

The second part of the day (from 2pm to 7pm) is dedicated to the Natty Roots culture. Jamaican roots reggae and dub set your body and spirit to vibrate on a calm, conscious and joyful wave – just like nature around you! Sit under a shade around the lake and enjoy the music selected by the best Bulgarian reggae and dub DJs.

You can find the program here.