Club “Get to Know Yourself”

Galya Dyankova Doychinova (Ava Gava) – yoga instructor, voluntary breastfeeding consultant, birth preparation. With her you will set on a journey of meditation, visualization, and relaxation.

Krassi Kircheva (astrologist) will translate for you the meaning of 4 fairy tales in the language of reality using the symbolic keys of astrology.

Yana Ha  – massage workshop / Ayurvedic massage techniques /. You will learn how to relax, to accept and give care and love.

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 Who am I? 
(21.08) 13:40- 15:40
„Will and Reason“: I take part or observe the happening of a fairy tale. I find a solution for a problem – depression, low self-esteem, artist’s lack of success, love trianlge consequences, lack of a partner or a child. 


Friday (22.08) 14:00-16:00 „My Body“: I massage and I am being massaged using different techniques. (for more comfort please bring a mat) 


Saturday (23.08) 14:00-16:00 „My Soul“: I learn how to meditate, to feel my soul; meditation for getting in touch with the spiritual body and connecting with the Earth. 


Sunday (24.08) 10:00-11:30 parallel happenings of all three workshops