“I am, because we are!” – the theme of this year’s BEGLIKA festival has its imprint on the concept of the musical program as well.

CO-CREATE BEGLIKA – the process of mutual co-creating – includes every aspect of the festival – from sharing different practices, skills and dreams, to cooking painting and playing, and from rediscovering the wonders of nature and taking care of waste to the creation of the musical program! For in the tribe of Beglika the limitations and roles that we impose on ourselves fade away and sooner or later EVERYONE performs unexpected quantum leaps between being artists and audience, teachers and students, leaders and followers!
CO-CREATE and CO-EXPERIENCE your own Self as a creative, playful human being who readily expresses and shares herself/himself with the world. And what better and more powerful means of creating a community spirit and collective art than MUSIC! This year BEGLIKA offers you more SCENES for performing, experimenting and shared moments.
CO-CREATE BEGLIKA 2014 gives you different opportunities to join the musical program: KABA Scene (Bagpipe Scene), BIGBANDA Scene (Big Band Scene), Acoustic FREE JAM Platform, CHILL STATION – daytime DJ scene, NA BORA (In The Pine Tree), drum circles and musical practice for exploring silence – Life Trance Circle.

Send your proposal:

Deadline for proposals: August 1st, 2014