Co-Create Beglika 2014

I am because we are!

21st – 24th, August 2014

We’ve missed you!

A year ago we decided that Beglika Fest should take a one-year break.

Surprisingly or not, the spirit of Beglika did not dissipate or disappear. And yet, like all things living, our beloved festival is changing. It is still free, creative, glancing back and looking forward, playing with the “here” and the “now”, upholding a way of living in which we are honest with ourselves and the world.

However, what makes us part of the Beglika tribe is probably the freedom which all of us who call Beglika “our place” are capable of imagining and living.

In the last six years many of us tried to transfer this spirit in our attempts to make the world the way we want to. This spirit was within us when we went out on the streets, defending what is important for us in times of contradiction, and while each of us was striving to make a difference, big or small.

We realized that Beglika is not what it is because of the stages, the music, the programme. It is first and foremost a shared space for people who share a common spirit.

A community outside of the time and space of our present day society – a tribe of the creating, the seeking, the communicating, the sharing, the adventurous, the eager to learn.

However, for the six years we’ve been connected by the spirit of Beglika, we’ve learned that creating a three-day utopia in a messed-up world is important for the survival of utopists, but… at the end of the day – every utopia lasts… three days. And change is needed every day.

We cannot have a healthy Beglika spirit and festival in an obviously unhealthy society.

That is why the only honest path before the Beglika tribe is the incredible opportunity to go for an adventure that we find inspiring – the adventure to reinvent our world together.

To start to make things happen not only over the festival days.

To get together and create little fractals of change which will easily connect, combine and recreate models and systems.

A place not isolated from the world but dedicated to changing it, dedicated to illogical ideas and to our creative potential as a community in the context of a society that is getting more and more chaotic and helpless;

And we ask you – as a part of this community – are you ready to join us and seek the answers with us / are you ready to learn and make mistakes together with us?

This festival comprises thousands of magical quality moments of connection between us and a small evolution of ideas and possibilities. In today’s situation we are capable of more than that. We can create change. We can create new worlds.

Beglika Fest is turning into a space which will challenge the existing models, systems and visions by creating new formats stimulating our group intelligence for social change. It will question the present in order to seek answers for the future. Our key word however will continue to be ‘play’. Because through play we make discoveries, and for thousands of years play has helped humanity learn.

We dedicate this year’s edition of Beglika Fest to the new world that urgently needs to be born in order to replace the dysfunctional models around. We all are the spirit of Beglika – a cloud of creative and visionary potential, capable of bearing new universes. And each of us brings their own constellations in this universe.

I am because we are.

There will be Beglika 2014, because there is you:

Beglika team