Inspired by the works bands like Irfan and Isihiya, Eriney is the new star in the constellation of the Balkan neofolk scene. Their unusual sound is like an intricate jeweler’s lacework of Western European Medieval music, Balkan folklore and Oriental ornaments.

Drawing on the rich musical heritage of the different cultures, the band creates innovative original music and experiments by mixing traditions, languages and instruments. The sounds of Irish bouzouki, Bulgarian tambura and gadulka, Oriental bendir and oud harmoniously blend with the vibrations of Latin, Hungarian, Old Arabic, Swedish, Old Portuguese and Bulgarian languages, which you will recognize in Eriney’s music.

During the second festival evening – 22nd August, Beglika’s audience will have the delight to meet Eriney with all its members: Viktoria Nikolova – vocals, Nikola Petrov – Celtic bouzouki, Zdravko Peev – oud, saz, tambura, Aleksandar Nikolov – bendir, Ivan Ivanov – Irish flutes, cornet, Iliyan Vasilev – gadulka. Their performance will be a feast for the senses in Medieval aristocratic style, and till then you can find inspiration at:

24.08 (Sunday) on Kaba Stage