GangJah Army Band

GangJah Army
GangJah Army Band is one of the newest additions to Bulgarian reggae troops. Found by one of the veterans on Bulgarian reggae scene – NRG D, GangJah Army Band is truly inspired by the rasta culture and the world famous names in the dub and roots reggae scene. They have participated in a lot of festivals around the world and back home and we can’t wait to hear them play their cool stuff in the Rhodopes. You’ll hear their messages for unity, freedom, courage, connecting with nature and vegetarianism, accompanied by catchy melodies and the pulsating vibrations of the roots reggae.
Beglika’s scene welcomes the following rasta lions: NRG D (vocals), Mendal (acoustic guitar and percussion), Kiba (bass), Tiger Lion Pig (drums), Elija (piano, accordion, melodica, back vocals), Liodmata (guitar), Danchera (bass) and Rune (percussion). What can be better than some fresh reggae in the middle of summer? DO IT JAH!!!!
You can warm up with their music until the festival:

23.08 (Saturday) on Kaba Stage