Haris Pilton

Haris Pilton’s style can be described as unique fusion of Gypsy music and urban beats, spiced with reggae. This combination gives the impression of futuristic “Balkan Rasta Pulp Fiction” influenced by Alan Ford’s books. In recent years Pilton has produced more than 50 remixes of Gypsy traditional music and, more recently, he has been working on his own material. In 2013 he realesed double album Magic Winery. Pilton has performed in more than 300 gigs in many European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria,) and in clubs & festivals, including Exit , Fusion , Evropavox, and Seasplash.

Haris Pilton’s music offers you: Anarchy vibes from the Gypsy underground, body shaking, foot massage, brainwashing without damaging colors, cleaning the ears, release of the soul and saving your eyes from UV rays.His music is a question, not an answer!


22.08 (Friday) on Kaba Stage