I Like Hammock

Our hammocks are made in Bulgaria by people who love lying down in hammocks! We actively use them during our incessant adventures and their development is based on our own experiences.

Our hammocks are made from a light but very strong material with high-strength fibers woven into it to prevent tearing.

The weight of one hammock is around 500g which makes it easy for anyone to carry it on their backpacks and take it out on the road whenever they need to rest. The set consists of a 3-meter long hammock, ropes and hooks for hanging. All of this is packaged in a small bag attached to the hammock itself. On both sides of the hammock there are 2 stripes which are used to tie it to a backpack or hang shoes or other equipment to it; it can also be used as a shade against the strong sun.

The weakest point of the hammock can withstand weight of up to 400kg which means that it is suitable for people of all sizes.

The hammock garden will be open to all members of the Beglika camp. Here you will be able to take a nap in the shade, read a book or just listen to the wonderful sounds of nature around you!