Co-create a knitted mandala

We, Aglika and Lora, will make two workshops in knitting, suitable for beginners and for people who have some experience but would like to learn more. The workshops will be in two days (Friday and Saturday) between 13:00 and 16:00. Aglika will deal with those who want to knit with 1 hook and Lora – with those who prefer working with 2 hooks. All pieces knitted by the participants in the workshop will be assembled into a kind of a mandala, which will hang in the vicinity of the workshops, and on the last day we will take it apart so that everyone can take their knitted creation if they want to.

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On Sunday from 11:00 till 12:00 we will make a demonstration entitled “Knitting Waste” which will show you how to make yarn from old t-shirts and other textile waste or plastic bags. Did you know that besides the well-known rugs, such yarn can be used to make scarves or jacket fragments, for example?

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About us:

Aglika is master of crochet. She is famous for crocheted toys based on her own models. Take a look at her Facebook page “Itchy hands”.

Lora is interested in knitting with 2 and 5 needles. Look at her Facebook page “Gingerbread knits” and her blog.