Kindergarten of Festival Beglika is a playground where will conduct a variety of interesting activities for children. We have selected a team of experienced young teachers who are happy to care of our children. “Playground” this year is called “Kindergarten” because there parents will be able to leave their children. Involvement and enthusiasm of parents can make a playground very friendly and welcoming to children, so we expect heart and skillful fathers and mothers to engage in activities with children.

. Coloring of various wooden figures

. Figures of wax, making candles

. Origami

. Activities clay

. Soap figures

. Yoga

. Wet on Wet painting

. Stories

. “Slozhenka” (a game with such a special constructor)

. Biscuit Cake

. Music Games

. Story that we do together (chat and discussion of hearing)

.Puppets theatre and workshop for making puppets