MMUUZZAA is a movement of visionaries sharing  their  personal dharma with the surrounding world.

MMUUZZAA is a platform for awakening the artist in you, for reaching out and feeling together the power of sharing.

MMUUZZAA idea is any personal idea leading to enlightenment or awareness, which has been transmitted through some kind of art.

MMUUZZAA chain is a MMUUZZAA idea which has ignited a spark and is the key to another artist’s inspiration.

At Beglika Fest 2014 MMUUZZAA presents:


Workshops for crafts

– Design a t-shirt

– Jewelry / Tiaras

– Orenda stones


Playground for creativity

– clay

– Watercolor painting

– RE-cycle ART


Forgotten Knowledge – Talks, Lectures and Discussions

– Synchronicity: think and share together

– Time molds and ancient calendars

– Lecture-talk about the Glagolitic alphabet



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