MODVS VIVENDI – Medieval Society in Bulgaria

At Beglika Fest 2014 MODVS VIVENDI will present Medieval history “live” through historical reconstruction / experimental archaeology, which will include recreations of various aspects of everyday life, crafts, arts, military and culture of everyday life of Medieval people in XI-XIII century from the Balkans and Western Europe.

You will be able to enjoy:

  • demonstrations and seminars on Medieval martial arts (historical fencing with two-handed sword and handed sword and shield);
  • shooting replica of a medieval level reflex bow;
  • demonstrations of medieval crafts:

– Paper making, drawing on parchment, dyes, writing instruments, writing, drawing, sewing

– Weaving boards – a replica of a medieval portable loom

– Embroidery designs on medieval artifacts

– Shoemaking – making medieval shoes

  • demonstration and tasting of medieval cuisine (Byzantine, Arab, Western European and Nordic) – meals and drinks, authentic recipes from X-XV century;
  • demonstration of Medieval games from the East and West (table top, active and fun) – X-XIV century – suitable for children and adults;
  • performances of Medieval music live (songs and dances of Western Europe XIII-XV century) with a Medieval Western bagpipe, Bulgarian drums, and Persian daf (group Der Dudelgeist);
  • juggling and dancing with fire
  • Sale of handmade replicas of Medieval amulets and games.

srednovekovno v teksta

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