NIBRAI – Between the Earth and the Sky

“Is there singing reed or a blue bird? In the end I could give up the reed, but the bird is absolutely necessary … “


With these words the fairy Bérylune appears in the room of Tyltyl and Myltyl one night and sends them on a journey to look for the Blue Bird of Happiness and save her granddaughter, who is very ill. What exactly her illness is is hard to say – I think she wants to be happy …


“On the wings of a blue bird” we from “Nibrai” fly and politely invite you to join us! With radiant inspiration we build each performance brick by brick, moment by moment. We are a group of performing artists trying to create a show with a good chorus. On the Beglika fest stage we will show you what we have done so far and together we will tell you the story of happiness, love and every magic moment through theater, dance, aerial performances, a little circus, movements and sound.


The show is based on the play “Blue Bird” by the Belgian symbolist poet Maurice Maeterlinck. At Beglika Festwill you will be able to see the first results of our creative research on this text, to meet some of its inhabitants, and to enjoy the happiness we have put into it.

This performance will be unique with amazing guest artists from the circus field. We have left the official premiere for December.


Cast: Benita Primo, Adelina Pentcheva, Radost Kojouharova, Ivan Naniov, Stayko Murdzhev.

Scenography: Ivelina Mineva

Dramaturgy: Katerina Georgieva

Musical environment: Konstantin Kuchev – violin, guitar, David Romanello – hang drum, Pavel Terziyski – voice.

With the support of Program “Debuts” of the National Fund “Culture” and Beglika Fest 2014.

Friday, 8/22/2014, the 20:30

The stage near the Kindergarten

The show is suitable for all ages!