Parent Cooperatives Association (PCA)

The parent cooperative – this is a world where children can grow and become mature without disrespect, neglect, rejection, resigned obedience, deprivation of rights and liberties, punishment, grading and judgment.

The parent cooperative is a family consisting of many families, where a child can grow up to become a complete person by developing social competence (respect for others, ability to communicate in a group), emotional intelligence (self-respect and respect for other peoples’ personality, paying regard to one’s own needs and to those of other people, empathy, ability to express and manage emotions) and intellectual development.

The parent cooperative offers an innovative model for early child care, a sustainable and high-quality educational system which recognizes the competence of the child as a central figure and the key role of the parent for the child’s all-round development.

During the Metamorphoses Forum – Beglika, PCA will present their active civil position and opinion on raising and educating children.