Hey, listen! To make a difference, you/we must have the courage to change some major models in the present-day world.

That is why this year we decided to start an experiment in this direction, aiming to prove that each one of us can be a teacher or a student to everybody else, that the evolution of our societies depends on our ability to learn from one another and to learn as communities, as groups of people. The most amazing thing in the current world is the possibility to share skills in a free, non-hierarchical, synergy model. You might take it for granted, but this pure novelty in our world. We believe in the power of open sharing and we invite you to become a part of the PEER 2 PEER experiment, which reflects this belief of ours:

This year (and not only – if the model turns out to be good) it is not the organizers, but the audience of Beglika’s fest who will generate the program. With the new platform we are developing together with, you will very soon have the chance to propose an idea for a workshop, an installation, a performance or whatever expresses you best, and Beglika tribe will vote and determine the program!

Get ready, because you will see many more experiments of this kind at the festival – experiments that will provoke you to connect with the people and ideas around in new ways, with the festival and its future. We wonder – what is the highest level of participation you are capable of? Do you think of the festival and/or the ideas being shared as “yours” enough?