Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre “Here and Now” is the first Bulgarian member of the International Playback Theatre Network. It was founded in 2013 by Tsveta Baliyska – an actress, teacher and psychodramatist.

Playback theater’s  roots are in the principles and values ​​of the psychodrama method: dignity, encounter, respect, empathy, creativity, spontaneity, tolerance, authenticity, openness and courage to share one’s feelings and experiences. The motto of the group is – when you gain the courage to get out of your comfort zone, that’s when the magic happens. For some spectators to come out and tell their story to everyone can be a very scary experience. Getting out of the comfort zone is not easy, but it is always a very satisfying experience. That is why the group wants to work on promoting this theater because they believe that it is valuable and necessary for everyone.



Every night at Beglika Fest 2014, the Playback Theatre will make us turn to what we learned and experienced during the day, merging the three big topics of the forum into one.

More information about the Playback Theatre on their website and Facebook page.