Slackline is a dynamic way of training your balance, body and mind. Slackline uses nylon or polyester webbing stretched between two stationary objects. The main goal is to walk to do different kinds of tricks and poses on the webbing. Everybody can find their own style and it is an interesting and easy way to work out for people from various age groups.

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Tricklining is the most popular style of Slackline. It resembles the feeling of being on a trampoline, but you need a lot more concentration and balancing abilities. The webbing is usually tied low close to the ground which allows for performing different tricks and stunts. This is the type of Slackline you see in city parks or on beaches around the world.


Every day 2pm-7pm Slackline and open workshop for all

Every day at 6pm – Trickline demonstration

Some days – Waterline and Longline demonstrations

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