Sofia DUB JAZZ Pioneers

Sofia DUB JAZZ Pioneers is an innovative musical project which makes the universes of dub and jazz music meet. What these two have in common are their African roots and FREEDOM.  The freedom to jump over the boundaries of everything known and conventional; the freedom to discover, to play, to experiment, to create, to get lost and be found over and over again…

Melt into the dubjazz cosmos under open sky at Beglika 2014 when behind the pult will be DJ Dancing Angel and DJ Invoke. The two of them are responsible for the existence of a dub and world scene in our country and are founders of Balkan Scientists Dub Project and Deep Space Deejays. On Beglika’s Kaba Scene (Bagpipe Scene) they’ll be joined by the virtuous instrumentalists Orlin Pamukov (clarinet) and Ateshkhan (guitar and tambura) who will show into practice what’s it like to be “into dubjazz”. Orlin Pamukov is well-known to the admirers of folklore music in Bulgaria as a member of the legendary Kozari (Goatherds) and Orfei (Orpheus) orchestras and has also been many times on the same scene with performers such as Ivo Papazov – Ibryama, Petar Ralchev and Teodosii Spasov. The long musical career of Ateshkhan has led him to a lot of festivals around the world as part of Ivo Papazov’s orchestra and his sense of dub music has developed during his participation in the project for neotraditional Balkan sound – Balkan Scientists Dub Project. Both of these jazzmen are tireless improvisers and find it easy to cross the lines between different styles and genres – folk, jazz, Latin American, Brazilian, Arabian and Indian music… and Jamaican dub, of course!


Expect the unexpected! The game will be beautiful and the route of the musical journey is unknown as usual!

23.08 (Saturday) on the Kaba Stage