The Book Cave

Our shop is based in Veliko Tarnovo, just on the edge of the old town and we’ve been selling second hand English language books there since 2008. We’ve also been attending festivals and outdoor events since soon after we opened.  Going to festivals was one of the few things we missed about the UK when we first came to Bulgaria, so when we realized that we could combine our favourite sort of holiday with the chance to meet fellow book-lovers we jumped at the chance.

We’ll be bringing along a selection of general fiction and non-fiction and also a range of books which we think will appeal to our fellow festival attendees.  So, if you’re interested in Green Building,  Art, Eco-living, Music, Eastern Philosophy  or Tantric Sex do come and check us out, (That’s not the complete list of course, just the things that spring to mind as I’m writing.)
If fact, even if you’re not interested in any of those things do come and say hello anyway, we’re always up for a chat. We’re really looking forward to meeting you all and sharing what promises to be a memorable few days.

Enough about us! We’ll finish by wishing everyone involved in Beglika 2014 a peaceful, educational and joyful event.  Love from Karen Fox and Chris Wilton.


book cave