The Happiest Child in Bulgaria

How to relax a baby?

• What is the missing fourth trimester?
• Baby colic
• The calming reflex
• The 5 soothing techniques


How to communicate effectively and respectfully with the young child (from 6 months up to 4 years old)?

• The reasons for emotional outbursts in children
• Effective communication with young children
• Fostering good behavior and discipline
• Encouraging patience


‘The Happiest child in Bulgaria” aims at creating profound social changes in the raising of children in Bulgaria by providing practical and easily applicable techniques and methods of modern pediatrics, psychology and pedagogy, enabling efficiency and promoting the prevention of child abuse. As part of the project in 2013 the association “Baby and Child” welcomed the world famous pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, who held the first training for parents and professionals in Bulgaria. More can be found at: or www / bebeidete

The presentations will be held every day near the Kindergarten.

August 21st (Thursday) through August 23rd (Saturday) at 4:30 pm

August 24th (Sunday) at 1pm