Reaching Beglika is a small celebration.

Our location is wonderful as it is exactly because it is difficult to access.

  • To avoid traffic jams or too many vehicles in the area of the festival, the vehicle traffic on the 4 km dirt road to the festival area will be limited.

  • Permission to pass will again be granted only to guests camping with children аnd vehicles which have a logistic purpose. They will be able to park after the entrance of the Festival.

  • The vehicles with logistic purpose related to the festival will also be marked – those for transport of heavy equipment such as generators, awnings or stages.

  • All other vehicles should be parked in the secured parking located close to the dam wall.

Transfer from the dam wall to the festival zone

  • Water Taxis: you can use them to sail from the dam wall to the festival area, only for 4 leva. They are operated by Wind and Water . During the night instead of water taxis there will be shuttles making round trips via an alternative road.

  • Shuttles: these will treat you to a slow lovely bumpy ride on the Beglika winding road all the way to the festival area, at night and in case water taxis don’t sound appealing to you – price: 1 lev. (Have in mind that the road used by the shuttles is the same dirt road which the logistics vehicles and the family cars will use. An alternative to this road is the Forest Museum path which starts right at the beginning of the dirt road section).

  • Forest Museum: a unique chance to take a walk in the Beglika ecosystems and to learn more about them while traveling towards your final destination – the tent camps and festival area!


With BeglikaBus from Sofia to Beglika and back

Your tunnel in space-time and a direct way from the Matrix to Paradise. 

The price for a round trip is 30 BGN. You can get a bus ticket from here (it is the first bullet point in the first TicketLogic box).

Note that there are 3 bus ticket categories with different dates and departure times!


Thursday- Aug 21st – National Stadium “Vassil Levski” – at 8:00 am
Friday – Aug 22nd – National Stadium “Vassil Levski” – at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm for those at work.

It is possible that at the departure times there will be more than one bus waiting. Every bus will leave when it fills up.

Coming back

On Sunday at 6pm and on Monday at 11am – the bus will be waiting at the edge of the festival  zone, the same place where you got off on arrival!

Signing up for one of these return two options needs to be done at the information center of the festival not later than 12 o’clock (noon) on Sunday, August 24th.

Shared travelling with Aha!Car

When you travel with other people and split the expenses with them, that’s shared travelling.

Aha!Car connects drivers with passengers who want to travel together.

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