Volunteers – wanted! :)

 Main Mission:

Creating the festival area and taking care of the environment!

Once again the forest adventures of setting up the most freedom-loving forest event around will begin with a cheerful and unique preparatory gathering! We will soon announce the starting date.

According to the volunteers who have helped us so far, and in our opinion – this is the most enchanting time of the festival preparation – and it cannot be otherwise – blue skies, wonderful people, pure Beglika water, fun musical missions and the smiles of several dozen unique people like you!

The preparatory gathering begins on 1st August and ends with the usual after-fest tradition of cleaning and putting the site in order.

Here is what you need to know as a Beglikovolunteer applicant:

– Priority is given to longer-term applications (people who can join us for more than 5 days). Please send us information on the dates you will be available at the email below;

– In order to become a volunteer during the festival, firstly, you must have been with us for at least 5 days before the fest’s start and secondly, we must like each other; every volunteer has a place in the festival schedule and a task.

You will need a tent, a sleeping bag, a mat, warm clothes and a bathing suit, a mug, dedication to your work as a Beglikovolunteer and ideas how to make things happen.

Come on, hitch a ride, grab the backpack, take your friends and come, but before that – check out the newest classification of Beglikovoluteering occupations issued by Beglika’s Ministry of Liberty, to be well-informed about all the fun work we will be doing:

Cooks – cooking vegetarian dishes with gusto, organizing supplies, maintaining the hygiene, beauty and functionality of the kitchen and dining areas

Water carriers – taking care of the camp’s water supplies; helping in the kitchen; i.e. working closely with the Cooks

Stokers – taking care of the kitchen’s wood supplies and tending the fires in the festival and the camping area

Painters – painting information boards, signs, etc.

Canopiers – setting up canopy tents

Carpenters – building and fixing wood structures in the ground

Canopiers and Carpenters work closely together.

Vagrants / Forest Fairies – cleaning the area, setting up waste collection stations, bearing responsibility for waste and for making good use of it

Magicians – responsible for the toilets – setting up, repairing, cleaning, keeping them stocked with sawdust

Supplier – logistics

Storage Keeper – protecting the wafers and the chainsaw

Send your applications to Sashka – sashka.satori@gmail.com, sharing your motivation, your CV and the dates you will be able to join Beglika’s team.

The more time we spend together, the better.