Wind and Water

Sailing boats and motorized water taxis


If there is wind and water; if there is a desire to look at land from the water; if you want to breathe faster, to set the sails while you push your feet against the floor to compensate for the slope of the boat, then it is likely that we will meet.

This year the sports club “Wind and Water” will be at the festival again to transport you by water with two boats in the first and last day of the fest. On the 22nd and 23rd we will stop the motors and billow our sails. We invite you to come with us on a wonderful journey along the lake; to learn how to harness the wind; to experience something different.

If we like you, we will tell you all about our other voyages along the Iskar river, Sinemorets and in Greece.

We’ll look for the shine in your eyes. You can look for us the same way.



You can find out more about us here.