Workshop for co-creating the Beglika area by ARMAGAN

Workshop Co-creatе a model of the Beglika area

Duration: 2 sessions during two consecutive days (Friday and Saturday) for approximately 3 hours (depends on the number of participants)

agmagan cover


First day – 3 parts – a short introduction of ARMAGAN (who we are, what we do, our idea), a brief introduction to the technology of making a model and start of the practical work on the model (drying “tow”, laminating the base of the model);

Second day – after the dried “tow” has dried for 24 hours, we will start shaping the green model, to color and mimic the water surface (if we have time, each participant will make little tents of self-drying clay with their names in order to “co-create” a village of names which will be located in the model)

The finished model will be a gift for the organizers of the Beglika Fest as a symbol of the topic of co-creation.

We from ARMAGAN make unique ethno souvenirs from wood, ceramics, glass, textiles and various “hand-made” techniques, which you will have the opportunity to see at the Beglika Fest 2014!