Workshop “Singing and prana with Anna”

Bulgarian folklore for singing and non-singing people. Going back to the roots

ana peene

Hello friends!

We know each other well and I think that this meeting is long overdue. This time we’ll sing again, but I have prepared something new as well. I want to share with you the wisdom I have learned from the Bulgarian folklore, from our traditions, from the meetings with the magical imagery of song in recent years. How much they gave me and what they told me – that’s what you are about to hear.

I will present a modern fairy tale. It tells the story of the song and the power it gave me to grow in a new way – the way of an explorer of the Bulgarian roots and the human spirit. Our journey will show us our Bulgarian origin through songs, rhythm, and customs. These are unique meetings which help us dive into the atmosphere of forgotten ancient stories and touch the wisdom of our ancestors who left their messages coded in our folklore. We’ll talk about customs and their hidden meanings.

Come on a journey with me back in time to discover the roots and strength of our land, to revive them in your hearts, and to sing along! We are descendants of an ancient culture which embodies deep knowledge of man and the universe in its folklore and it is time to find out more about ourselves.

Looking forward to meeting  you!

ana peene vutre


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